Sunday, October 28, 2012



 In this version of MONOPOLY we go off the Gold Standard and start using paper (This way we will be able to steal from the entire world and enslave every last man, women and child)

All the properties,  buildings and money are dealt out before beginning the game, but the money must be paid back to the Banker with interest, at 10% per year (a year is 12 times around the board) If a player can not afford to pay back his loan to the Banker with interest in full after completing 12 times around the board, that player must leave the game. The Banker will retain possesion of that players foreclosed properties and their cash, and does not sell those properties to another player or loan that cash out. If the player does pay back the loan, in full, the Banker pockets the interest paid, and again makes a new loan at 10% interest to that player for the previous amount plus 10%, for another 12 month period (use a copy machine and scissors to print new money and expand the economy at 10% per year)

   The players do not collect $200 when passing GO (since they already have all the money).

.  The Banker may bail himself out by printind himself more Monopoly Money, but only the minimum amount required to stay in the game. He may not print new money for the other playersas quanitive easing is not realy for them.

  The last player remaining in the game wins, and advances to level 3 as the position of President of the United States.

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